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Blog Run your Car Dealership Like a Rebel

Drew believes that things need a shake up in the automotive sales arena. Do you agree?

Rules and bureaucracy are meant to be broken, while some people will take extreme offence to this statement, rebels understand that some rules make no sense & companies can do far better without them.

Having said this let’s be crystal clear on this point nobody is advocating automotive anarchy, reckless abandonment of common sense or that any serious legal, financial, labour or moral and ethical business laws are broken. Common sense has evaded car sales for decades as industry drones have installed so many controls, that it has constricted every cornerstone that once made car sales such a great success.

Complexity must revert to simplicity. The old Chief Executives talk about the good old days and how they traded in an autonomous entrepreneurial way back then. ‘The paradox is in many cases they are the very culprits who replaced trust with control. They looked for warriors and were duped into hiring a bunch of wimps who wiped out the very rebel talent they needed to win. Balance sheet driven boardroom baboons, analytical imbeciles & MRA-Morons Retailing Automobiles cannot usher in a new era for automotive retail. Retail Rebels who drive change, transformation & create results that were believed to be impossible can.

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Drew Spink. The Automotive Coach
February 16, 2019
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