Meeting The Challenges Of Remote Working

Blog Meeting The Challenges Of Remote Working

With more of us now working from home employers need to consider what they should be doing to ensure their staffs health and well-being. Not only do they have a duty of care but it simply makes good business sense. A healthy, happy and motivated employee  is likely to be far more productive. So what should we be doing to support them? There are so many issues around the topic of working remotely but in this article we are going to focus mainly on health and well-being. However if this is a subject that interests you why not  take a look at our recent webinar with a  very distinguished panel of industry experts. 

Encourage Face To Face Contact.

All to often employees wake up , log in, and spend hours on end in front of their computer screens. this really isn’t healthy. Encourage your team to have face to  face human contact, it really helps,  this could be a short trip to the coffee shop, a chat with the postman, or  a catch up with a neighbour. Even if you are self isolating its important to schedule catch up’s with friends and colleagues. online.

Ensure employees schedule some time in the day for themselves.

This is so important  for an employees mental health, working all day without breaks can be extremely stressful. Therefore ensure you allow your staff to schedule  in time for themselves, exercising, reading a book, taking the dog for a walk or simply getting outside and enjoying nature. This really will make a difference.

Trust Your Employees To Do Their Job.

Working from home can present many challenges one of which can be endless distractions, especially for those employees looking after children or elderly parents for example. So where possible trust your employees  to do their work and schedule their time around their other responsibilities. Take the time to understand their individual challenges and provide them with the support and reassurance they need. 

Tasks And Deadlines

Be clear on what exactly is required and by when, ideally setting just one task at a time, this is a proven method of achieving higher efficiency through a more focused approach. Once the task and deadline are set, there is no need to ask for constant updates which may cause unnecessary stress and slow down productivity. Once again trust your employees to get the job done within the deadline and if they are struggling ensure they have easy access to the support and guidance they need.

Provide Feedback, Especially Praise.

The best way to keep your staff motivated is to ‘catch them doing something good’ and then praise them accordingly. Now more than ever our staff need to know they are valued and are doing a great job. This may not always be the case and in these circumstances providing them with constructive feedback on what needs to be improved and ensuring they have the support and guidance to get them back on track is key. 

Training And Development.

For many managers and leaders, managing a remote workforce is a completely new challenge for which they may not be best equipped. Investing in their development is therefore essential to not only staff well-being but also productivity. Our comprehensive online training programme will ensure your managers have the skills required to help both your staff and your business thrive. Why not contact us for more details.


If this is a subject that interests you why not listen to the thoughts of our expert panel on a recent webinar.

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October 12, 2020
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