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  • The heartbeat of any business is its staff. Investing in their development and ensuring they are both physically and mentally fit therefore is not only the right thing to do, but essential to ensuring a company remains efficient and profitable.

  • An employer’s relationship with their staff relies on a sense of mutual respect and trust to be successful. Employees see their development and well-being as key areas for employers to show staff that they are valued. Being able to offer them a range of training options and helping  to support  a work/life balance will ensure you attract and retain the best talent.

  • We are able to offer a range of services to promote employee development and both physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace, enabling you and your team to truly flourish. 

  • Partner Services | Powerful Collaborations

  • Our trusted partners provide a range of services that you can conveniently access from one central point. Each has been chosen because they are leaders in their field and have a comprehensive knowledge of the automotive industry. We all work together to ensure our clients receive the very best  levels of service, advice and product quality. Our collaboration means we are able to work together to provide you with bespoke tailored solutions that will help you meet the many challenges you face.


Bespoke Training

We can help you build and develop a wide range of training courses to meet your specific needs. This can vary from a slightly tailored version of a standard course, to a completely new project.... Read More

Inspired Leadership 2020

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them” t’s very much the same with leadership. There’s the naturals, the grafters and those that simply... Read More

Management Development 2020

Our 2020 retreat is an inspiring and experiential 6 day programme delivered over four months that will challenge every aspect about the way you think about and encourage others to think about... Read More

Automotive Sales Retreat 2020

Do all your sales team perform to the same high standards, consistently? Has your existing sales training delivered a world-class performance? Do all your team possess a positive winning attitude?... Read More

IMI Approved Used Vehicle Management

Our years of experience and expertise in all areas of used vehicle management mean that we are able to offer The UK’s only IMI Quality Assured Programme in used vehicle management. Summary We... Read More

Blueprint To Used Vehicle Success (Live Online)

This 10 step guide is designed to help you and your team maximise your Used Vehicle Sales performance. We believe that dealers who are truly able to understand the dynamics of this changing market... Read More

Finance and Insurance IMI Accreditation

Is your business exposed to the risk of financial mis-selling? The scrutiny from the FCA around potential mis-selling of finance products has brought into sharp focus the shortfalls of current... Read More

Excellence In Aftersales

The customer journey doesn’t end with the sale of a vehicle, that’s just the start. Providing good after-sales service shows your customers you want to build a long-term relationship with... Read More

Knowing Me Knowing You

In this fun and highly interactive workshop discover how each personality type becomes motivated, approaches their work, cooperates with a team, and leads others. Description Linked to the 4 elements... Read More

Dynamic Coaching

Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results in business, and for many, these results are achieved through the coaching and support they receive. Description Coaching is a lever for unleashing... Read More

Time Management

One of the most repeated phrases you will hear in offices up and down the country is “we don’t have enough time” Well that’s no surprise really, time is a limited resource, once you have lost... Read More

Conflict Management

Do you think your business will benefit by creating a harmonious working environment? Are you confident in dealing with difficult situations? Could conflict in your team be impacting on staff... Read More

Get The Edge UK – Automotive Training Partner

We are a team of inspirational, automotive training, coaching and staff development specialists, with a mission to give each of our clients the competitive edge they need to succeed in business.... Read More

Intuitive Learning – Automotive Technology Partner

Introducing Cognito from Intuitive learning, artificial intelligence that provides continuous digital learning and communication for your employees. Taking less than 2 minutes per day,... Read More

WeRecruitAuto – Automotive Recruitment Partner

We specialise in Permanent Recruitment for the Motor Trade across the UK. We’re passionate about finding the right candidate the right job, and providing both clients and candidates with a... Read More

Engagement Multiplier – Automotive Employee Engagement Partner

The leading employee engagement platform to make your small to mid-size business more productive, more profitable, and easier to run. Our platform is built on three guiding principles that can get... Read More

TMS Group Automotive Partner

TMS specialises in optimising the efficiency with which organisations engage with performance-rewarded members of their team. We operate with organisations offering a pre-approved HMRC engagement... Read More

RJH Auto. Automotive Data Insights and Profit Clinic Partner

Richard Hollis FCCA has 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry.  His prior background in manufacturing & engineering and then as a qualified accountant gives him a unique approach to... Read More

Perkbox – Automotive Benefits & Rewards Partner

Automotive Mentors has teamed up with Perkbox to offer your team great incentives, discounts and exclusive deals. So what is Perkbox? Perkbox is the UK’s fastest-growing employee engagement... Read More

Radius Law – Automotive Legal Partner

Radius Law is not like any other law firm. Our purpose is to innovate how legal services are delivered and provide our clients with the best possible experience. We have extensive knowledge of... Read More

Pearn HR – Automotive HR Partner

Pearn HR support and partner with businesses who are passionate about their people!  Our focus is to help you drive a great employee culture and a happy workplace. We want to make your business a... Read More

Peak Personal Performance – Automotive Well-Being Partner

Founder of Peak Personal Performance, Andy McMenemy, is an award winning speaker, facilitator, leadership development mentor, personal development coach and behavioural change specialist, who has... Read More

MTS Psychotherapy – Automotive Mental Health Partner

How is your business responding to Covid-19 pandemic? The pandemic has a massive impact on the overall wellbeing as well as mental health in the workplace and will continue to have for some time. ... Read More

Envigour Pilates and Nutrition

Belinda has a wealth of experience in fitness and wellbeing and is a master in Pilates. She is also a qualified lower back pain practitioner and runs a programme Back 4 Good, which is endorsed by... Read More

Jodi Baxter Yoga

Whether you are self-employed, a small-business owner, or a corporate mogul, both your business and your employees (even if that’s just you) will benefit by incorporating yoga into your daily work... Read More

Bluesky Cycle Tours

Encouraging our employees to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice pays off in numerous ways. Fit employees are: Less likely to get sick Likely to have far more energy Likely to be more confident... Read More

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