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Encouraging our employees to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice pays off in numerous ways. Fit employees are:

  • Less likely to get sick

  • Likely to have far more energy
  • Likely to be more confident
  • More likely to inspire confidence in others
  • More likely to take on leadership roles
  • More likely to set and achieve goals
  • Likely to have an extremely positive attitude
  • Less stressed

Road cycling is a great way to improve fitness and set yourself challenges that right now you might think impossible. Blue Sky Cycle Tours Club can offer you and your staff the opportunity to experience road cycling and begin the journey towards your fitness goals. Our exclusive club will allow you to meet like minded individuals and train towards exciting cycling events and adventures, usually in the summer months. The club provides a range of fully supported rides in the UK and throughout Europe. The ultimate goal is to get you cycling in the most majestic and iconic of cycling venues – the French Alps.

Working with automotive Mentors, Blue Sky Cycle Tours can offer memberships to a cycle club for just £10 per year, which entitles you to a range of benefits:

  • Tailored training plans to ensure you achieve your goals
  • The opportunity to meet fellow cyclists in your area who are training towards the same goal
  • Exclusive member discounts on all Blue Sky Cycle Tours Epic Ride series 
  • Exciting day/weekend events on quiet roads in the UK or Northern France
  • Access to a members forum which includes Q&As and buy and sell sections
  • Access to exclusive member clothing at trade prices
  • Monthly online magazine articles and videos
  • Cycling workshops
  • Talks and presentations by key speakers

We welcome cyclists of all abilities who are excited about both the fitness benefits and the mind expanding possibilities that cycling can provide. 

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Find out more about our Health and Wellbeing at Work program

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