A Guide To Creating An Effective Health And Well-being Policy

Blog A Guide To Creating An Effective Health And Well-being Policy

Having an integrated health and well-being policy in place is essential for any business which is looking to achieve heightened levels of employee engagement where people are committed to achieving organisational success. There are however many factors to take into account when considering the best way forward for your business.

In our experience and according to the cumulative research, the most effective well-being programmes are:

  • Closely linked to the overall strategy for the organisation.
  • Built upon a clear and consistent definition of well-being 
  • Owned by functions or persons most able to champion their significance and assure their impact 
  • Underpinned by the recognition that resources are limited and strategic choices must be made amongst competing options 

Based on realistic assessments and projections of:

  • Organisational resources and capabilities
  • The needs and expectations of the employee population
  • The offerings of competitors and competitive positioning
  • The direction of industry and national trends around attention to employee well-being 
  • Designed to provide the optimal mix of products and services given strategic imperatives and available resources
  • Supported by consistent communication that emphasises corporate commitment to employee well-being and that encourages employee involvement 
  • Carefully managed to facilitate employee utilisation and identify and remove any barriers to access 
  • Actively monitored to ensure the attainment of desired programme outcomes – evaluated more formally to ascertain and document impact at the individual, workplace and organisational levels

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Blog by
Adrian Johnston
February 28, 2018
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